Are you a person who enjoys adventures that are unique and personal to you?

If you are a person who desires a culturally authentic experience that is reflective of the local people and shares their history and ancient legends in a way that resonates with you, by being hands on and actively involved, yet at one with the river.


Then join us and our guides for a tour that is led from the heart and let the pounamu call to you as a gift from the river.


Our tours cannot be replicated anywhere else in the world, as the connection to the river and local people is intertwined in history and holds true to the values of Kati Waewae tribe guardians of the Arahura river.

Arahura Greenstone ToursArahura Greenstone Tours offer a very special Maori cultural experience.

Our Maori guides will share ancient legends and help you find New Zealand’s most coveted treasure, Greenstone, on a guided walk along the sacred Arahura River.

Your local guides have a unique connection to the Arahura river known as one of the richest sources of  Pounamu  and the local area that goes back many generations and enjoy sharing their knowledge and love of  Te tai o Poutini (West Coast) and the Arahura River.

You will be able to find small pieces of Pounamu (Greenstone), learn to carve this precious stone into a necklace, and keep this taonga (treasure) to cherish.

For the Kati Waewae tribe Pounamu is said to be a peace stone and a vessel for good things. However, there was a time when it was used as a weapon of war; now it is a peace stone once more.

Our Arahura Greenstone Tours operate all year round, weather permitting.

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