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People’s thoughts and reflections from our Guest Book

Grateful For This Experience.

Tangi Weepu, our Maori guide, is a beautiful soul and a living manifestation of Maori beliefs, culture, and spirituality.  Even if we hadn’t had the thrilling experience of the Aruhura River gifting us several gorgeous pieces of Pounamu and being taught by a master how to turn them into necklaces (which we did!), our time with Tangi would have been one of the most affecting and memorable experiences in New Zealand.

My wife and I would do this tour again tomorrow if we could.  If your interest is limited to searching for and receiving greenstone from one of the most sacred rivers in New Zealand you will be rewarded.  If you also want an immersion into the wisdom and deep connection the Maori have with their ancestors and the Aruhura you will be rewarded beyond what you can imagine.

I had very high expectations for this excursion, so high that as the day approached my wife started to worry that I was setting myself up for disappointment.  But all my expectations were exceeded.  No spoilers, but some of the ways of Maori thinking that Tangi explained to us have broadened our perception of the world and made it more alive and meaningful.

I’m writing this review a few days after our Arahura adventure but I can still feel the ancient and healing flow of the river moving through me.

If get near hokatiki beach, on the west coast of island, we can really recommend this tour. It’s a whole Maori village that owns the river here help you can find the new zealanske jadesten. They keep some amazing personal tours. Searching for its own stones while a fea village tells of Maori culture ig tradition. Eske, kaya, Magnus and I had a tour all for ourselves with tangi. It was so great an experience, we went a long walk down through their city, out to the river where he helped us search. We followed the river to the beach where he had a little stenslibemaskine, so we could make our jade for jewelry. During the whole trip was tangi relaxed and pleasant and gave himself really good time for us 😊
It was more like taking a good trip with a friend than it was a guided tour.

Thank you enjoyed our visit.

Thank you  for the wonderful experience

Walking on the Arahura River with you and the dog listening, to the great stories, making the necklace, thank you for a great tour.

Thank you for a great trip and stories, a wonderful day at the beach

Lovely to  participate in some Maori culture while in New Zealand

One of the best activities was Greenstone tours, what a great insight into Maori culture and way of life, we walked and waded & talked and made jewellery for about 4 hours..brilliant!!  Tangi Morrell was inspirational, we won’t forget him!

Tangi thanks for this great morning

Thank you great spirit for your stories and gifts, I will take both far away for you

It was a great experience, thank you very much

Thank you sharing your knowledge of Greenstone and Maori culture and welcoming me

on to your land I hope all is well in your future

Thank you for your beautiful look at Maori culture and Greenstone heritage

Thank you for your wonderful stories of Maori culture, we now have much more of an understanding of your lives. A really interesting afternoon

Kia ora Tangi this has been such a humbling experience and enjoyable. Good luck and all the best.

Thank you Tangi the greenstone found me!

Amazing day and awesome experience

Thank you for a wonderful heart warming experience. I loved it