Greenstone Tours

You will begin at Arahura Bridge Heritage Park. From there you will be guided through the Arahura Pa (Tribal village) and then on a journey along the Arahura River while learning the history of the Kati Waewae Hapu.

Our guides will:

Refreshments will be provided at the end of our tour.
Our guided tours are an easy walk over flat ground and river stones.
But please be prepared to get your feet wet, however, this is all part of your Greenstone Tour Experience.

Privates tours

Private tours – these are arranged to suit both the customer and our guides time table and have the flexibility to cater for everyone’s needs, so are not restricted to set time slots. It is a matter of contacting us and making a suitable time.

Bus or group tours

These are pre organised well in advance to suit the bus or group tour itinerary. We have selected package tour operators we work with.

School group tours

We have several packages that are reflective of the needs of school groups and work with the schools organising a tour to ensure that we meet their educational requirements whilst remaining true to our beliefs and culture.

Understanding our tour ethos

Our tours do not have all the bells and whistles of a commercialised tour operation, as we believe this contradicts the integrity of what we are trying to achieve for the Arahura Pa and the direct descendants who either live on the Pa or nearby.

We are a traditional Pa and are proud of both our identity and customs that define who we are and are not into over commercialisation. What you see, is what you get. We are, who we are and proud to stand by our beliefs.

Our aim is to provide a pathway for self-sufficiency of our families and retain the true cultural identity of the Kati WaeWae Hapu.

Tour Pricing

2 hours – $189 per adult, $50 per child (under 13)
4 hours – $355 per adult, $100 per child (under 13)
Children under 5 free.

What do you need to bring